At Natural World Eco we pay attention to every detail in order to combine quality, comfort, ecological awareness and fashion in our products. The Dolphin boots have been designed for those women who seek comfort but do not want to stop being fashionable. These ecofriendly boots are made of 100% ecological materials, combining style and sustainability. Using the vulcanized system during production, the upper part of these boots is made of suede and the sole is made of natural rubber. The inner part of these model is lined with synthetic hair, which makes them ideal for cold days. As part of our brand philosophy, this ecofriendly women model comes in a recycled cardboard box, something essential for those who want to contribute positively to the environment.  

✓ Made with suede

✓ Synthetic inner lining

✓ Rubber sole

 DO NOT wash in a washing machine

 Rub off with a slightly damp cloth and let to air dry

 Brush daily using a suede cleaning brush

• For any other enquiry, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Service

Größe Nº 36 Nº 37 Nº 38 Nº 39 Nº 40 Nº 41
Einlegesohlenlänge 23,3cm 24 cm 24,6 cm 25,3 cm 26 cm 26,7 cm
Beachtung! Die Maße in der obigen Tabelle beziehen sich auf die Länge der Innensohle und nicht auf die des Fußes.
Wir empfehlen Ihnen, die Innensohle eines Ihrer bequemen Schuhe zu entfernen und diese Länge dann zu messen, um sie mit der Tabelle zu vergleichen.

During the manufacture of our soles, all the remaining rubber become powder for future reuse. When the new rubber is made, approximately 30% of the recycled rubber is incorporated into.

ECO 805

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