At Natural World we take care of every single detail to achieve quality, comfortable and fashionable footwear. Our boots Ágave are inspired by the classic desert boots but with a modern twist. Perfect for daily use, these boots are made of ecological materials, combining style and sustainability. The upper part of these eco-friendly men's boots is made of suede and the sole is natural rubber. The inner lining is made from synthetic material, making them ideal for cold days. As part of our brand philosophy, these sneakers come in a recycled cardboard box, as we believe this is something essential for those who want to contribute positively to the environment.

✓ Made with suede

✓ Synthetic inner lining

 Rubber outsole

 Made with suede leather

 Synthetic inner lining 

 Rubber sole

Size Guide
Size Nº 40 Nº 41 Nº 42 Nº 43 Nº 44 Nº 45 Nº 46
Insole length 26,4 cm 27,1 cm 27,8 cm 28,4 cm 29 cm 29,7 cm 30,4 cm
Attention! The measures in the table above reflect the length of the insole and not of the foot.
We recommend you to remove the insole of one of your comfortable shoes and then measure this length to compare with the table.

You can wear these shoes both in winter and summer
ECO 822


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