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Safari Boots

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Comfortable and durable safari boots for girls

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    Safari Desert Boot 460

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    Worn Effect Safari Desert Boot 460E

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Find out more about our safari desert boots for girls 

Natural World Eco girls desert boots are really comfortable, durable and stylish. The safari style boots are perfect for informal occasions, making them ideal for their weekend outfits. Our desert boots are ankle length and they come available in a wide range of colours and shapes. 

In addition, thanks to the high quality organic materials with which we manufacture our girls safari boots, you will be collaborating with the care of the environment. Discover our catalog of desert boots for girls and enjoy the comfort that only this type of shoe can offer! 

At Natural World we know how important it is for the little kids to wear a comfortable and durable shoes. That is why when making our safari desert boots, we take care of every single detail: 

  • Tinted Desert Boots: It is one of our classic models. These boots are perfect to wear with any kind of outfit as they come available in different colours, choose your favourite one! In addition, our tinted desert boots are durable and perfect for all seasons, as we have them in different materials: canvas, leather, suede... 

  • Worn Effect Desert Boots: Perfect to give a twist to the looks of your kids. This model come available in a wide range of colours and shapes. Most of them are made with organic cotton and with a rubber sole. Discover all the available models on our girls section! 

  • Fringe Safari Desert Boots: With a similar style than the classic desert boots but with the fringe detail. These boots are perfect to dress up a little bit. You have them available in different materials like nobuck, suede or leather. You can also find styles with inner lining which are perfect for winter. 

Why buy on Natural World Eco? 

At Natural World Eco we take care of the little ones, and that is why all our girls footwear is made with 100% organic materials and following an environmentally manufacturing process. In this manner, we are one of the few companies that has the "Green Trade World" certificate, which guarantees that during the manufacturing process of our products, we have not used harmful substances to the health of people or the environment.

In addition, you can choose among a wide rage of models, materials and patterns. So get the one you like for your kids and receive it at your home in a maximun of 48 hours. Bare in mind that here at Natural World we have safari boots for the whole family, so check out our men´s safari boots and the desert boots for women. Shop with confidence on Natural World Eco!