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The reusable hygienic masks from Natural World Eco were born out of the need to protect ourselves to prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus. Like our footwear, these reusable and ecological masks are manufactured in Spain respecting the environment and are composed of filtering material and approved by the European regulation CWA 17553. It should be noted that they can be washed up to 5 times in the washing machine without losing their properties. In short, a mask made in Spain, reusable, homologated and ecological against Covid-19.

Haute 12 cm Largeur 17 cm
Medidas mascarilla

 Made with filter material

✓ Approved by the European regulation CWA 17553

 Wash with water, maximum 30º

✓ Let it air dry

 For any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service

Once we have finished producing the colecction, the fabrics that has been discarded during the cutting process are send to a textile recycling plant and are added back to organic cotton

Ce produit est vegan ¡Nouveau modèle! Nouvelles couleurs pour ce modèle Vous pourrez utiliser ce modèle bien en hiver qu’en été

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