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We plant your tree

At Natural World Eco we are aware of the importance of nature and how important it is to care for and protect. We do what we do because we want to guarantee a better world for the younger ones. Planting a tree is one of the best things that can be done for the environment.
Will you help us?

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Did you know that trees...?

Clean the air we breathe

Reduce water consumption

Help conserve energy

Fight against climate change

1000 orders – 1000 trees


1000 trees

This project will be carried out with the company Folia Project. This reforestation will help to recover the biodiversity, the land quality, and offset greenhouse gas emissions. A better future is everyone's responsibility.
Thank you for helping us to create the Natural World Forest!

Natural Forest in Algarrobo


1200 trees

This project was carried out with the company Folia Project and it was planned to carry it out in two phases: March and September 2020. Due to the pandemic situation, the planting of this project had to be postponed, in which today we have planted 900 trees.

This forest will absorb 172,000 kg of CO2 throughout its first 40 years of life, will protect the land from erosion and will help regulate the water regime of the environment.

900 out of 1200 trees planted
172,000 kg de CO2 absorbed
3x sustainable development goals
Our aim is to guarantee a better world for the younger ones