At Natural World Eco we pay attention to every single detail in order to combine quality, comfort, ecological awareness and fashion in our products. Our River tinted sneakers are inspired by the classic men's tennis but with a modern and contemporary touch. Perfect for daily use, these canvas sneakers have been designed in Spain using 100% ecological materials, combining style and sustainability. Using the Vulcanized System during production, the upper part is made of 100% organic cotton and the sole is 100% natural rubber. With the colour as main protagonist, these ecological shoes for men are breathable, flexible, and also very easy to wash, putting the washing machine to 30º max. As part of our brand philosophy, these sneakers come in a recycled cardboard box, as we believe this is something essential for those who want to contribute positively to the environment.

 ✓ Made with 100% oragnic cotton

 Rubber outsole

 Wash with cold water, maximum 30º

 Let it air dry

• We recommend washing them separately, due to the fact that we use natural dyes and they may fade during the first washing

• For any doubt or query, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service

Size Guide
Size Nº 39 Nº 40 Nº 41 Nº 42 Nº 43 Nº 44 Nº 45 Nº 46
Insole length 25,7 cm 26,4 cm 27 cm 27,7 cm 28,3 cm 29 cm 29,7 cm 30,4 cm
Attention! The measures in the table above reflect the length of the insole and not of the foot.
We recommend you to remove the insole of one of your comfortable shoes and then measure this length to compare with the table.

Once we have finished producing the colecction, the fabrics that has been discarded during the cutting process are send to a textile recycling plant and are added back to organic cotton

During the manufacture of our soles, all the remaining rubber become powder for future reuse. When the new rubber is made, approximately 30% of the recycled rubber is incorporated into.

This product is vegan We recommend wearing these shoes in summer
ECO 302


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