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Safari Bottes Femme

Offrez le cadeau parfait avec notre carte-cadeau, la façon le plus simple de faire plaisir!

Safari Bottes

  1. Prix
    1. 30,00 € - 40,00 € (3)
    2. 70,00 € - 80,00 € (2)
  2. Couleur
    1. Blanc Blanc (1)
    2. Beige Beige (2)
    3. Jaune Jaune (3)
    4. Moutarde Moutarde (2)
    5. Orange Orange (2)
    6. Rouge Rouge (3)
    7. Rose Rose (4)
    8. Violet Violet (2)
    9. Bleu Bleu (4)
    10. Turquoise Turquoise (1)
    11. Vert Vert (3)
    12. Marron Marron (2)
    13. Gris Gris (4)
    14. Noir Noir (1)
  3. Taille
    1. 35 (3)
    2. 36 (5)
    3. 37 (4)
    4. 38 (4)
    5. 39 (4)
    6. 40 (4)
    7. 41 (4)
    8. 42 (1)

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Chaussures Safari 100% ecologiques pour femme

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Find our more about our Women´s Safari Boots

Desert boots have been gaining popularity among women during the pass years as they are the ultimate in versatile footwear. At Natural World we have a wide range of women´s safari boots in lots of colors: soft tones, browns, grays, blue... This kind of boots are an iconic footwear design and built for comfort and every single one of our women’s safari boots are made of the best quality.

Our women´s safari boots collection

We pay attention to every single detail to offer quality, comfort, ecological and on trend footwear. You will be able to choose the pefect safari boots for you as we have different models like: 

  • Suede Safari Boots: Our suede safari boots are made for walking and daily use. Featuring a rubber sole, they are really durable and cosy for the winter. Some of them have synthetic inner lining, making them ideal for winter. 

  • Safari Tinted boots: Our most casual style of boots. You can choose from different colours and shapes. They are easy to wear, flexible and really comfy. You will love them! 

  • Nubuck Safari Boots: These boots are made of cowhide leather with a rubber sole. A pair of nubuck safari boots is everything you need for a versatile autumn-winter look.
  • Printed Safari Boots: At Natural World Eco we know how important is to feel comfortable during you day a day. However, we also want you to look fashionable, so we have them available in different prints like animal prints, ethnic prints... Ideal to wear with any kind of outfit.

Why buy your desert boots from us? 

At Natural World Eco we care about you and the environment. That is why our entire catalog of women shoes is made with environmentally friendly materials. We are one of the few companies that has the "Green Trade World" certificate, that guarantees that during the manufacturing process of our products, we have not used harmful substances to the health of people or the environment.

In addition, you can choose among a wide rage of models, materials and patterns. So get the one you like and receive it at your home in just 48 hours. Bare in mind that here at Natural World we have safari boots for the whole family, so check out our men´s safari boots and the desert boots for kids. Shop with confidence on Natural World Eco!