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Australian Bow Boots

This winter immerse yourself in a world of style and environmental consciousness with Natural World Eco. Australian-style boots have become an essential winter footwear choice for women. That's why this year in the Natural World Eco collection, we have included this style of women's boots to keep you comfortable and warm this season. The Jane boots are inspired by classic Australian boots, but we've added a bow at the back to give them a more feminine and distinctive touch.


Crafted from soft suede leather and featuring a synthetic fur lining, these versatile women's boots come with a durable and ultra-lightweight sole. Thanks to their design, you can be worn with any style, from sporty to elegant.



By opting for Natural World Eco shoes, you are actively contributing to planet conservation. Join the sustainable fashion revolution with a pair of boots that prove style and environmental respect can go hand in hand. As part of our brand philosophy, these women's boots come in a recycled cardboard box, a must-have for those who want to make a positive environmental impact.


Choose your color and be pleasantly surprised by the new Australian-style boots from Natural World Eco. 

 Made with leather

 Synthetic inner lining 

 Rubber outsole

 DO NOT wash in a washing machine

 Rub off with a slightly damp cloth and let to air dry

 Brush daily using a suede cleaning brush

• For any other enquiry, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Service

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