Circular economy implies the need of respect the environment during the production process, understanding the importance of recycling and reuse of materials.

The environment, and therefore the planet, are not in their best time. At Natural World Eco we want to do our part in helping raise awareness and join forces to ensure a better future.

How does it work?

Our EcoCircular process recycles our two main materials: rubber and cotton.

1. Cotton

Once we have finished producing the colecction, the fabrics that has been discarded during the cutting process are send to a textile recycling plant.

These fabric scraps are added back to organic cotton, avoiding the creation of more waste and reducing our footprint in the environment. In particular, we save a significant amount of water, reduce CO2 and avoid other environmental impacts resulting from the cotton cultivation.

2. Rubber

During the manufacture of our soles, all the remaining rubber is stored thoroughly and, once the production is finished, these remains become powder for future reuse.

When the new rubber is made, approximately 30% of the recycled rubber is incorporated into each plate. In this way, less resources are consumed and we help preserve the environment.

Your usual shoe but with environmental awareness.
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