Girl´s Ballerinas

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  1. Farbe
    1. Weiß Weiß (1)
    2. Beige Beige (2)
    3. Gelb Gelb (2)
    4. Senf Senf (1)
    5. Orange Orange (2)
    6. Rot Rot (1)
    7. Rosa Rosa (2)
    8. Granatrot Granatrot (1)
    9. Violett Violett (2)
    10. Blau Blau (2)
    11. Türkisblau Türkisblau (1)
    12. Grün Grün (2)
    13. Grau Grau (2)
    14. Schwarz Schwarz (2)
  2. Preis
    1. 30,00 € - 40,00 € (2)
  3. Größe
    1. 21 (2)
    2. 22 (2)
    3. 23 (2)
    4. 24 (2)
    5. 25 (2)
    6. 26 (2)
    7. 27 (2)
    8. 28 (2)
    9. 29 (2)
    10. 30 (2)
    11. 31 (2)
    12. 32 (2)
    13. 33 (2)
    14. 34 (2)

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Canvas Ballerinas for girls

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Discover our ballerinas for girls

Girls ballerinas is one of the most comfortable and popular footwear for girls. They are perfect for spring and summer and really easy to combine with all styles. 

At Natural World Eco we think that style is not at odds with comfort, and that is why we have included ballerinas into our girl´s shoe collection. Our girl´s ballerinas are made in Spain and there are many shapes and colours to choose from. Discover our canvas ballerinas and enjoy the conform that this type of kids shoes can offer. 

On our catalog of ballerinas for girl you will find a wide range of ballerinas at the best price. All our models have been manufactured in our country with 100% natural materials and respectful with the environment. Discover our collection of girl´s canvas ballerinas and enjoy the comfort and quality that only Natural World can offer you.

Among of most popular ballerinas models you will find: 

  • Tinted Bow Ballerinas: This model is available in more than 15 different colours. Our tinted bow ballerinas is one of our best sellers. Made in Spain with organic cotton, these ballerinas features a rubber toe cup and with a rubber sole. The perfect option for summer looks! 

  • Worn Effect Bow Ballerinas: This option will give a twist to their look. Moreover, they can put them on easily thanks to the elastic band they feature on the front side. You will love them! 

Why buy girl´s footwear on Natural World? 

At Natural World Eco we not only care about you and your kids, we also care about the environment. That is why all our shoes are made with ecofriendly materials following a enviromentally friendly manufacturing process. Also, we have the "Green Trade World" certificate which guarantees that during the manufacturing process of our products we do not use any harmful substance to the health of people. 

Discover all the different girls shoes that we have on our online store, like the boat shoes or the sneakers. Buy now your girl´s ballerinas and receive your order in just 48 hours. Fast, easy and ecological!