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Bootsschuhe für Herren

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12 Artikel

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12 Artikel

Darstellung als Gitter Liste

In absteigender Reihenfolge

Discover the comfort of our boat shoes for men

Boat shoes are a must have for warm-weather and are the perfect addition to any men´s wardrobe. Our boat shoes for men are available in classic materials and designs, but they also come in designs that offer twist on the classic. This type of men´s shoes is versatil enough to wear to work or during the weekend. So check our catalog and get your boat shoes! 

Our men´s boat shoes

At Natural World we have a wide range of men's boat shoes, available in different colors and patterns. Among our boat shoes catalog you will find:

  • Tinted Boat Shoes: Our most classic model for men. Available in different colours for you to choose your favorite one. They are made of 100% organic cotton respecting the environment. Our tinted boat shoes are comfortable and you can wear them anywhere at anytime. 
  • Jute Boat Shoes: The perfect mix between the classic boat shoes and espadrilles. With this style you will enjoy the comfort and design of the classic boat shoes, and the lightness and freshness of the espadrilles. This model is made with cotton and jute sole. Comfortable, ecological and durable.
  • Sport Boat Shoes: Our sport boat shoe are the best option for the summer. They are made of canvas with a natural rubber sole, and they come available in different colours and prints.This season treat your feet to our sport boat shoes! 

Why buy Natural World Eco men´s boat shoes? 

All our boat shoes have been manufactured following an ecological process, without using harmful substances to the environment and with first quality materials. That is why we have the "Green Trade World" certificate, which guarantees that both our production processes and our materials are totally ecological.

Our products come in a beautiful recycled cardboard box, something essential for the care of the environment. Also buying at Natural World means that you will get your order in a maximun of 48 hours and enjoy our free return service. Our boat shoes are also available for women and kids, Discover all the styles now!