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Desert Boots

  1. Colour
    1. White White (3)
    2. Beige Beige (8)
    3. Yellow Yellow (7)
    4. Mustard Mustard (7)
    5. Orange Orange (7)
    6. Red Red (6)
    7. Pink Pink (4)
    8. Burgundy Burgundy (4)
    9. Purple Purple (1)
    10. Blue Blue (9)
    11. Turquoise Turquoise (4)
    12. Green Green (8)
    13. Brown Brown (7)
    14. Grey Grey (6)
    15. Black Black (4)
  2. Price
    1. 拢50.00 - 拢60.00 (2)
    2. 拢70.00 - 拢80.00 (4)
    3. 拢80.00 - 拢90.00 (3)
  3. Size
    1. 39 (2)
    2. 40 (7)
    3. 41 (9)
    4. 42 (7)
    5. 43 (6)
    6. 44 (6)
    7. 45 (6)
    8. 46 (6)
    9. 47 (2)

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organic safari boots for men

9 Item(s)

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Find out more about our desert boots for men

At Natural World we have a wide catalog of desert boots for men as we know that getting your safari boots right is essential. This type of boots is very versatile, lightweight and comfortable. You will find them available in various colors, materials and shapes. These iconic men's dessert boots are built for comfort and practicality and in our online store you can find all kinds of styles and colors to combine with your different looks. 

Crafted in Spain from natural materials for supreme comfort, in our dessert boots men section you will find different styles like: 

  • Leather desert boots: These boots have been made with cow leather and rubber for the sole. This option is perfect for a sophisticated finish to any look. 

  • Suede desert boots: Grab yourself a pair of men's suede desert boots this season. Our suede desert boots are available in a wide variety of color, grey desert boots, brown desert boots, black desert boots... and many more colors! 

  • Cotton desert boots: This type of desert boots are one of our most comfortable models due to their flexibility and lightness. Our nobuck boots are ankle length and come mostly in shades of brown, although our selection extends into other colours too.

Why buy at Natural World Eco UK?

At Natural World we care about you and the environment. That is why our entire catalog of men shoes is made with environmentally friendly materials. We are one of the few companies that has the "Made in Green" certificate, that guarantees that during the manufacturing process of our products, we have not used harmful substances to the health of people or the environment.

In addition, you can choose between all our models, materials and sizes. So get the one you like and receive it at your UK home in just 72 hours. You can also check out our women´s safari boots for women and the desert boots for kids. Shop with confidence on Natural World Eco!