The best footwear for summer

Fecha: 09/ August/2017
The best models of Natural World Eco for summer are the 303E for men and the 687E for women.

This summer, the main shoe models of Natural World Eco are these:

Firstly, the model 303E is the most demanded in men's shoes. A nautical shoe designed with 100% ecological cotton and natural rubber sole. Its design, comfort and lightness, together with the selection of colors (a total of 16 shades) make this shoe an ideal choice for summer.

On the other hand, in female footwear the esparto sole has been imposed in this summer season. The 687E is an innovative espadrille design with 15 different colors in worn tones. Discreet, elegant and very comfortable.

The next fall winter we will check what are the favourite shoe models of the people.