Raquel Sánchez Silva in Natural World Eco Tarifa

Fecha: 24/ August/2015
Raquel Sánchez Silva in Natural World Eco Tarifa

This time, Rachel was visiting us in the store of the firm in Tarifa, but no, she is not Raquel del Rosario who appeared some weeks ago in our blog. This time is the TV presenter Raquel Sanchez Silva, known by many of the tv viewers of this country.

This time, Rachel was enjoying her holidays in the area and she decided to visit our little place of ecofriendly footwear where Raul was attending her and looking the images. Raquel was delighted and provided us with one of her endless smiles. This was reflected in her blog Comerse el Mundo, part of the digital magazine Mujer Hoy.


Raul from Natural World Eco Tarifa and Raquel Sánchez Silva

Ending the summer campaign, now we are preparing and sending the boxes with the new autumn winter collection that establishments will soon begin to display in their windows.

Until then, enjoy the last times of summer!