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Going into 2015 with TVE

Fecha: 08/January/2015
Going into 2015 with TVE

Of course, it is a very good news appearing in one of the most important mass media platform such as television and also in an area with high audience as the noon news by TVE.

The occasion was the celebration of a market at the old Military Casino in Madrid where the variety of products was the star of the edition, from decorative elements to clothing and accessories. Curiously, one of the exhibitors (Dossier On Tour), had a good repertory of our ecofriendly footwear which was the subject of compliments by one of the persons who precisely was interviewed by the cameras of Televisión Española for the emisiión of noon news.

We are very happy and grateful to the words of this person as well as Dossier On Tour and TVE to show our shoes.

2015 begin in the best possible way.

(Start at from minute number 34)