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Pablo Puyol from "Tu Cara Me Suena"

Fecha: 28/ November/2015
Pablo Puyol from

This TV show consist of singing songs from national and international artists by famous people who do not necessarily be linked with the world of the song. In this edition, the level is very high and the competitors are playing so good.

Pablo Puyol, Spanish music and television artist, is one of the stars. We discovered last week in his Instagram's profile a funny image with Silvia Abril, coleague in "Tu Cara Me Suena", going to have an interview in the program of Antena 3 "El Hormiguero". Indeed, Pablo said he was wearing one of our ecofriendly footwear models.

Every time, we are more excited that celebrities want and wear our Natural World Eco footwear. And, of course, all the people are so enthusiastic with brand.

Thanks Paul!