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Internationalization Award 2015

Fecha: 23/ February/2016
Internationalization Award 2015

With only five years in the world of footwear with Natural World Eco brand, we must recognize that our history is far more extensive, a long time ago. That experience and our commitment and effort are placed in this ecofriendly brand.

The results of the international fairs are being very positive, the public response is spectacular, people love our product, and all this is an eloquent gratification. In addition, recognition of the work we have done by the institutions of our region, La Rioja, is the top on the cake, is the culmination and recognition of an arduous task.

Thanks to each and everyone of you. Thank you for believe in us and thank you for this Internationalization Award 2015 awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of La Rioja.

(Image via Chamber of Commerce of La Rioja)