Fecha: 07/ August/2015

One of the stars for this summer season has been the sole esparto used in many of the models of the catalog. The esparto is a typical material of the Rioja area where is located Natural World Eco, the city of Arnedo known as the "City of Shoes".

One of the models with soled NWE

A classic in the world of Rioja's footwear are the esparto sandals, simple and basic footwear that combines soled with colored fabrics. Natural World Eco has gone a step further and introduced a variety of finishes, fabrics, designs, with the same base: the soled.

According to the results, the success is transforming into a very positive sales as well as the promotion in various media with current characters wearing the shoe models of the brand with soled. In addition, one of the details has been added versions with laces, not only models without them.

Study, experience and good plannings help us to develop models that you will love.

Thanks friends!