New Sections in the Store

Fecha: 19/ May/2017
New Sections in the Store

Yes, until some weeks ago the sections of the store were very simple and were based on the summer and winter season. Based on these variables, the models were exposed according to the climate.

With the latest modifications, we wanted to go further and we prefer to present the exhibition based on the type of footwear. For this, we divide in:

- man: sneakers, boots, safari boots, smart sneakers, espadrilles, boat shoes and camping sneakers.

- women: sneakers, boots, safari boots, slip-on slippers, espadrilles, boat shoes, ballerinas and camping sneakers.

- boy: sneakers, boots, safari boots and boat shoes.

- girl: sneakers, boots, safari boots, merceditas, ballerinas and boat shoes.

We hope the search for product will be easier and faster with these new classifications.