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NWE at theMicam shoefair September 2016

Fecha: 09/ September/2016
NWE at theMicam shoefair September 2016

On Thursday September 1 we made a trip knowed by everyone of us. It has become one of the essential professional event for Natural World Eco. Five days in Milan of absolute madness and fatigue because of the theMicam shoefair is a referent in the world of internationally footwear so our ecofriendly fashion should be present as every year with own site.

According to official sources, the fair was around 45 thousand people, increasing 8.4% foreign audiences mainly from Germany, South Korea and China.

Our experience has been very positive again, very good feeling about the collection presented and more positive results in relation to the commercial level of the firm.

Now it is time to think and set objectives and conclusions.