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Ecological Footwear: What is its meaning?

Fecha: 27/ April/2018
Ecological Footwear of Natural World Eco

Recently, we have heard a lot about sustainability and sustainable lifestyles. A philosophy born in behaviors and responsible habits of the humans and the collectivities (companies, organizations ...).

We know the importance of making ecological footwear to this way of life. For this reason we always use materials and processes guaranteed our contract with the natural environment.

Ecological means to have conscience, respect and environmental care.



We review some of the benefits that generate more and better impact in our environment.

Vulcanization System

The vulcanized system reduces the amount of harmful gases generated daily in the textile industry.

It also allows a great durability to the footwear. It means that the investment in footwear is fully amortized.

Comfort and resistance

The ecological footwear of Natural World Eco is very elastic and comfortable. Both kids and adults can wear it throughout the day keeping the health of your foot.

Organic materials without chemical adhesives

Ecological footwear usually works with natural materials. Possible allergy cases are reduced to the maximum.

On the other hand, the manufacturing process of this footwear does not use chemical adhesives which makes it totally respectful with the environment.

Ecological trade

The manufacturing process of our footwear, from the choice of the materials to the sale process, crossing the manufacture of the footwear, follows the current standards of organic trade.

In fact, the ecological shoes promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, essential for our planet.