Safari Boots the ideal Footwear for Winter

Fecha: 06/ November/2018
safari boots

This type of Safari boot is also known in Spain with the term 'treads shit' in reference to the boots used by the French army in its siege of Cádiz. Those fields where the battle was fought were full of cows and consequently, full of their corresponding feces, so the armies had to tread them while fighting.

The truth is that, regardless of what we call them, in our catalog of ecological footwear is one of the shoes that are soon sold out.

Safari Winter Booties: Men, Women and Children

All models of safari boots of boy, girl or child have some common characteristics:

• They are versatile, since they can be worn with almost any look we wear.

• They are comfortable, they adapt well to the foot and their footprint is comfortable. It's almost like going barefoot, but without noticing the stones of the ground when walking.

• They are light. They do not weigh anything and it does not cost to carry them on.

This winter, the cold is better fought with some safari boots.

Come and discover them all!