Vegan footwear collection

Fecha: 06/ September/2021

Having to choose between fashion and sustainability is a thing of the past. Since Natural World Eco began its journey in 2011, the brand has offered ecological footwear manufactured entirely in Spain but this season we have the honor to present our first 100% winter vegan shoes within the Autumn Winter 2021 collection.

Vegan footwear for Men and Women

Year after year, planet earth shows us that everyone needs to commit to becoming more environmentally aware.That is why Natural World Eco presents its collection of vegan shoes, made with 100% natural and quality materials.

Being fashionable does not necessarily require the use of clothes and shoes made with materials of animal origin. Our vegan collection have six models for men and women, available in 15 colors, made only with GOTS certified organic cotton. This certification ensures the organic condition of the products, from obtaining the raw material to the production process. 

At Natural World Eco we have advocated from our beginnings for quality and know-how in all our products and the vegan footwear collection not only meets these standards but is also closely linked to the values of the brand: respect for nature and the authenticity of their products.

This new line is a return to the origins but betting on the future. It should be noted that all the models in the vegan line are endorsed by the Peta Approved Vegan certificate, which indicates that the footwear does not contain any element of animal origin. All these advances, together with their youthful and timeless design, make these sneakers an essential option for the Autumn Winter 2021 season.

What are you waiting to discover all the models and colors available?