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The Spring Footwear goes to Scene

Fecha: 06/ March/2018
spring footwear

A few weeks to finish the winter, Natural World Eco has presented the spring summer footwear.

Today we review some spring trends:

The synthetic fabric, the prints (leopard, flowers, camouflage ...) and the worn effects, will be the main protagonists in the female collection. In addition the tacks, velvet or esparto soles, among other elements, which will also shine this season.

In male footwear we will repeat some patterns from last season, and we will see again many models of espadrille, nautical and low shoe designs. The chromatic line will be clear and happy tones.

With the children's shoes, girl and boy, comfort and simplicity will prevail with basic designs and cordless closures (elastic and velcro). In addition, there are many unisex models, nautical, merceditas, dancers ...

Take a look at our ecological and vegan shoes and get over the spring!