Twenty Nine Zero One

Fecha: 09/ October/2015
Twenty Nine Zero One

Natural World Eco launched in the autumn winter 2014 campaign the model 2091 for women, a perfectly integrated sport shoes in any type of outfit. The results at the end of last campaign were determined to continue selling this model.

It is a flat shoe but it has a certain thickness sole, ideal for insulating the feet during the cold and wet days. This sole also stands out for its flexibility so everyday the use of 2901 is solved without risk of pain, scratches, etc.

Shoe with laces and ten shoe eyelets for optimum support allowing the warmth goes inside the shoe. And enzymatic and striking colors make this model range.

We noted that they are ideal for a casual or formal look, depending on the rest of the dress complements. Neutral and dark and on the other hand cooler colors. Enough alternatives to join the cabinet of all of you.

Now we just wait for the cold weather.