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NWE with Trusted Shops

Fecha: 11/ February/2015
 NWE with Trusted Shops

Perhaps some of you do not know whats Trusted Shops is, but surely if you look at the corporate logo you will remember seeing it in any online store that you have visited.

This certificated shows the ecommerce as a confidence and transparency business for the purchase of their products and services. Trusted Shops establishes a list of terms and criteria that everyone must do. With the repayment guarantee of purchase and the reviews of the opinions based in neutral terms, Trusted Shops is the best current alternative giving security to the buyer during the shopping.

Ecommerce of NWE with de Trusted Shops guarantee

As we said, slowly we try to adapt all necessary to ensure the confidence of potential client so that they can enjoy the ecofriendly footwear by Natural World Eco. We are sure to apply the highest quality in everything we do and we want you too.