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Our first upcyling sneakers

Fecha: 23/ August/2023

In recent times we have seen a change in the footwear trend. In this sense, the sneakers have managed to sneak into the top of the types of shoes that we use in our day to day.

The new Natural World sneakers collection mixes tradition and know-how with the latest trends to create sustainable sneakers, both for men and women, committed to the environment and aimed at raising awareness for a sustainable lifestyle. All the vegan sneakers have been manufactured in Spain together with local suppliers, combining craftsmanship with the latest technologies.  In addition, thanks to its timeless design and versatility, you will take care of the planet without giving up style.

Our first upcyling sneakers

The main characteristic of the new line of vegan sneakers is that it has the same qualities as all our previous collections but leaving a smaller environmental footprint.

For these eco sneakers we have used different materials, being the main one recycled polyester. It is a fiber obtained from plastic bottles that stands out for being light, breathable and durable.

Recycled polyester: the alternative to leather

At Natural World we work every day to contribute to the protection of the environment. For this reason we have chosen recycled polyester as the main material, to reduce environmental impact and promote a more responsible lifestyle.

This fabric is a more sustainable alternative to conventional polyester and has multiple advantages such as:

  • Does not require new oil, which helps to reduce pollution.
  • Its production generates 75% less co2 emissions.
  • Prevents the accumulation of plastics, helping to reduce the quantity of waste in landfills.

How are the Natural World sneakers manufactured?

During the manufacturing process, more than 100 people participate in the whole production process.

  1. Design: it´s the first step to bring our collection to life. each piece is unique and been thought out down to the smallest detail by our design team.
  2. Cutting: each piece is cut independently with traditional machines so the final design adapts perfectly to the foot and its natural movement.
  3. Sewing: once we have the cuts prepared we bring the shoe to life. during this process the tradition, experience and human capital are essential.
  4. Vulcanizing: through this innovative system we create a light, flexible and durable shoe.


The new senakers collection is an invitation to become aware of the need to collaborate with the preservation of the environment. made in spain with high quality and ecofriendly raw materials, it is a comfortable and versatil shoe for you to step hard wherever you go. Discover them on