Smell like Strawberries

Fecha: 04/ December/2014
Smell like Strawberries

We want our product remind you to your childhood, for that reason we use strawberries and sweet smell.

Everything started when we launched a campaign some years ago and introduce the smell in the collection of child (kids) and it was so successful that we decided to incorporate to all families of Natural World Eco ecofriendly footwear.

This fragance follows rigorous quality controls and consists of a natural essences that adhere to the rubber. Thus, this effect keep on time and does not disappear even if the shoes are washing. The essences have the REACH certification and are the same substances that are introduced in the preparation of jellies, which are not harmful to health.

Well, now we know why the Natural World Eco shoes smell like strawberries!

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    Thomas Hunt: 03 of August of 2018 at 07:33:34
    I'm not sure if that was the right decision. I bought a pair of shoes that I like very much. but for some reason the smell becomes unbearable. at first i thought it was just inside the insole. but apparently, all the shoe has this chemic smell add to it. I'm a guy who sweats a lot. and I've always been self-conscious about having smelling feet. Well, these shoes made it a nightmare compared to any other shoe I've ever worn in my entire life. And I'm not kidding. having to deal with just my body odor is enough for me and washing my feet repeatedly during the day kind of works. Not with these shoes. is there a way to actually get rid of the chemicals? if i wash them a couple of time will it wear of?
  • User
    Cristiano Caoduro: 04 of July of 2019 at 11:11:37
    same question.
    not for the sweating but the smell is too strong and sometimes sickening.
    I understand it was good for kids but why on earth you decided to apply also to grown ups?
    I had a pair years ago and no such smell, now I bought 2 pairs (I hoped the different second model was safe)
    and will not buy anymore my entire life and that's a big pity cause the ones I had time ago were probably the best summer shoes I ever bad smell at all even after days and days of use.
    please let us know if there is a washing procedure that can at least reduce the smell...
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