Online Catalogue by NWE

Fecha: 24/ April/2015
Online Catalogue by NWE

As we mentioned, for the new launched 2015 spring summer collection, we decided to rebuild and redesign the online catalog presented in the official website of Natural World Eco. As you know, we can not make any purchase in the website but we can visualize models of different ecofriendly footwear collections.

We have provided to do this a continuous slide with all models of the collection, from left to right until we stop the mouse or we go with the cursor toward the center of the screen. When we have decided the model, we click on "View Catalog" and access to the specific section of the model with all possible colors and textiles.


Model for woman 

We recognize thumbnails at the bottom of the screen with other models corresponding to Natural World Eco collection.

We hope you like the new presentation of our ecofriendly slippers.