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The example of Natural World Eco in ESIC

Fecha: 03/ November/2017
Students working on the case of Natural World Eco in ESIC

Last Thursday the students of the first year of high school at the Maristas' Madrid school visited ESIC (School of Business and Marketing), where they could learn about the work system of Natural World Eco.

Through a practical case, the pre-university students worked with our brand knowing our model of circular economy, environment and sustainability. An interesting exercise for start thinking about, from the perspective of an ecological footwear company, the position and environmental responsibility that you assume affects the decision and corporate actions.

The circular economy implies respect with the environment in production processes, understand the importance of recycling and the use of ecological materials, fight against climate change and environmental impact, or that assume coherence with what we defend and also with our audience.

Be an example of all this work is amazing for us. For that reason, we want to thank ESIC for everything and also all those future university students who attended and became aware of the philosophy of Natural World Eco.

Thank you very muchl!