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Greenery: The Color of the Promise

Fecha: 09/ December/2016
Greenery: The Color of the Promise

As you know, Pantone is a company from the United States that created the Pantone Matching System, a system of colors used in graphic arts and referent in everything with color. Each year, they decide the key tone of the next twelve months and the company has chosen the Greenery, green hope tone, as the color of the following year.

A bright and fresh tone, very similar to the corporate color of Natural World Eco. We are happy with this decision because it is a push to many other values and ideas that we persecute and defend identified with the green color such as nature, ecology, recycling, sustainability, respect for the environment, love of the Earth, etc.

All of them are values defended by our ecofriendly firm with each of its products.

We believe this green color is the omen of excellent things for nature and for Natural World Eco in 2017.