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How to Recycle Clothes and Shoes from our Closet

Fecha: 14/ June/2018

Every year we are responsible for the waste of huge amounts of clothing and footwear. A waste that we must avoid to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Reducing the production and consumption of clothing and shoes worldwide means: less waste production, saving water and energy, less emissions of gases into the atmosphere, wastewater; avoid excessive cultivation of textiles or the use of chemicals and fertilizers ...

3 ideas to recycle clothes and shoes

1. Take what you do not need to second-hand stores or donate it

There are many stores that collect this type of second-hand clothes to give them a new opportunity in other people.

Or if you prefer, you can donate it to some NGO to help those who need it. On the Internet you can find the addresses of NGOs that are dedicated to it in your locality.

2. Reuse clothes and shoes by customizing them

If there are clothes that you no longer use, give them a new life. For example, you can convert your old jeans into shorts, dye shirts, make costume jewelery or create a new shoe or garment by adding accessories such as studs, feathers ...

3. Use the fabrics of the garment

You can use the garment as a new fabric to line a piece of furniture, make a lampshade or a cushion cover, for example.

Do you want to contribute to the environment? Recycle your clothes and shoes.