Bota Safari Summer 2017

Fecha: 05/ May/2017
Bota Safari Summer 2017

With the arrival of summer, footwear firms want colorful ranges and textures and materials "lighter" to mitigate as much as possible the effects of heat.

Since we launched the first collection, the Bota Safari model has taken a prominent place among all the shoes of the brand because of walking together with the demands of fashion trends.

Bota Safari models by Natural World Eco for men

A semi boot model, lightweight like no other, with an important walking comfort and a shoe model we can use for some formal occasions and for informal or casual events. The range of colors is increasing depending on the tastes of the new seasons and, of course, we always have the basic colors. With a pair of shorts, a pair of jeans, a pair of Chinese pants... combine perfectly with the summer outfit.

Comfort and design for men's feet.

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