Recycling in our home

Fecha: 20/ August/2018

Every time there are more people committed to recycling. But there is still much to achieve and many bad habits to change around this important issue.

We recycle to contribute mainly to an improvement of the environment; we recycle because the images of our dirty and contaminated oceans are increasingly worrying; We recycle because we firmly believe that everything has a second life (plastic, paper, cans, cardboard, etc.) ... And you, do you recycle? And if you do, why do you do it?

Below, we give you some of the main reasons to recycle in our home, the importance of it and how we should do it to be done correctly.

Why do we recycle? Why do we recycle? How should we recycle?

The first thing we need to know when it comes to raising awareness about recycling is that a good recycling process starts at home when it comes to separating garbage. Separating the garbage correctly we will be helping a lot when it comes to recycling. The garbage must be separated in two:

• Organic waste: Are those wastes and leftovers, both of animal and vegetable origin, that we have left over and that do not carry any plastic. Examples: meats, rices, fruit peels, bread, used napkins, filter coffee makers, dead plants and / or pruning thereof, etc.

• Inorganic waste: It is basically glass, plastic, paper and cardboard, metal and used clothing.

For a better future, recycle your garbage, your clothes, shoes and utensils that you do not use. Do it for the environment.