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Vegan Shoes | Materials and Advantages

Fecha: 06/ April/2018
Vegan footwear

First at all, we are going to define what veganism is. Since we are talking about a huge concept that represents a lifestyle. A philosophy where the respect for the animal is everything.

So that, it doesn't allow the consumption of any product whose manufacturing process involves the death or damage an animal.

So, what are Vegan Shoes?

In essence, a vegan shoe is one that excludes for processing any material from animals. A process that ranges from the choice of the raw material to the manufacturing techniques.

Materials used in this type of footwear

This aspect is especially interesting as a consequence of the growing demand that this philosophy has, it has been created several options.

• Canvas fabrics are the absolute protagonists. Some fabrics that are combinations of cotton, polyester or polyamide, covered with a series of polymers giving the shape.

• Microfibers are the other big players in this shoe. These are treated with high pressure processes that give different aspects.

Advantages of vegan-type footwear

The materials are the main advantages of this footwear. Here we have some of them:

• The polymers have a high transpiration capacity, very important day by day.

• Microfibers not only make shoes with multiple shapes, also provide protection against bacteria. This will eliminate fungus on the feet.

• Not using chemical adhesives means suffer allergic skin reaction is minimal.

• A breathable shoe and a shoe that prevents the appearance of bacteria provedies a very high comfort. In fact, the vegan footwear is a footwear suitable to wear both on a daily basis and sometimes more special without the foot suffering.

• And everything not reduces the design.

We have a wide variety of vegan footwear, for men, women, boys and girls in Natural World Eco.

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