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Learn About Our Eecological Footwear

Fecha: 21/January/2019
ecological footwear

In our online store Natural World Eco we are very proud of what we do every day and the result of all our products.

From our beginnings we can boast of having a store that respects the environment, aware of the important moment we are living, working with 100% natural and handmade products.

The philosophy and ecological commitment are part of our reason for being. Values that we are committed to contribute to a more sustainable and better planet for all.

Reasons to fall in love with our products

1. They are inspired by nature. A store with our name could not have other products ... Nature, the environment, life inspires us, and we want to take this inspiration to both the design and the material of all our shoes.

2. This material is 100% ecological. What does this mean? That 100% organic cotton has been used, that there are no substances harmful to health and the environment and that the packaging of all our products is made with 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard.

3. They are 100% handmade in Spain. While other stores go out to manufacture their products outside of Spain despite being national stores, we respect this very much and manufacture our articles in our country, not only giving national work but also taking our own raw materials.

There are few reasons to fall in love with our ecological footwear, but if they are not enough for you yet, check out our catalog. You'll be surprised!