Mary Janes Shoes for Girl's

Fecha: 06/ June/2018
Mary Janes Shoes for Girl's

Educating children in the environmental culture, based on love for nature and respect for the environment, is essential for the future. Natural World Eco has designed a collection of Mary Janes shoes suitable for the little ones in the house.

The style is developed from childhood, in line with personality, which is why Natural World Eco presents a very varied collection of Mary Janes shoes for girl's, made with 100% natural materials that gives them authenticity, comfort and freshness.

Environmentally-friendly Manufacturing

Mary Janes shoes are made with organic cotton and rubber, combining traditional processes with current technology (always respecting the environment) to provide a unique and special touch.

Collection Girl's Mary Janes 2018

These vegan shoes for girls are ideal for summer, like the Worn Effect Mary Janes 476E, made with organic cotton and white natural rubber on the sole, combined with the Velcro closure for comfort and freshness.

The Liberty Print Mary Janes 477 presents a beautiful cotton printed on the top and a natural white rubber sole that gives it a very special touch. And it also has a Velcro closure for comfort.