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Natural World Eco in winter

Fecha: 08/ October/2014
Natural World Eco in winter

People think when cold months of fall winter season are approaching we must take out the casual and sport footwear from our wardrobe, because they do not have the specific qualifications for this type of weather. However, all Natural World Eco models in different ranges, offer comfort and performance that constitute them as an ideal shoe for colder temperatures.

In addition, winter models are as confortable as summer models continuing with feelings such as walking on a carpet, easy steps beacuse of textiles keeping the foot in a warm temperature. Similarly, the moisture is also present at shoe design time, so that the inside and outside parts stop the uncomfortable water effects. In fact, we increase the thickness of the soles to eliminate this factor.

New models, new colors, the three collections are the result of the Natural World Eco effort to provide a quality product, trend product, always respecting comfort, aesthetics and good finish.

So ... be welcome winter!