Nature is speaking

Fecha: 11/ May/2018
Nature is speaking

We recently discovered an interesting initiative to raise awareness and respect the environment. We talked about Conservation International's project, 'Nature Tells Us'.

A project that presents, through different videos and collaborations of recognized public figures, responsible and sustainable solutions to safeguard the nature and biodiversity of our planet. Showing us the latent reality in which we find global solutions for global problems that concern us all.

The initiative has already involved well-known figures such as Salma Hayek, Carlos Vives, Ruben Blades, Eugenio Derbez, Juan Fernando Fonseca, Penélope Cruz and Juan Fernández Velasco. Each of his videos are a true reflection of what nature asks of us to protect it. Nature does not need people, but people do need nature.

This is one of them, dedicated to water:

The message is very necessary and the rest of the videos are also incredible. From Natural World Eco we invite you to see them all.

We miss you!